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As you know, the Gold Coast Flathead Classic has been growing year on year, to what it is today; almost 300 boats, and 700 anglers. One thing we take very seriously is security, and as our event grows we are delighted to be partnered this year with VIP Security Services.

The team at VIP Security Services has over 15 years of experience in the specialised field of physical security and has grown from a one man operation to a respected security provider, employing over a hundred guards across sites from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Talking with Director Adam Marcinkowski, he said;

“VIP Security Services comprises a pool of highly trained and qualified security guards. They, in turn, are often accompanied by certified and trained security guard dogs with a highly developed sense of odour and hearing. These guard dogs assist the security guards in securing all sites and act as a great deterrent to keep intruders at bay”.

Developing their skills over a number of years, VIP Security Services was one of the first security companies on the Gold Coast to start using night vision goggles, to aid in keeping intruders at bay. With intruders also getting smarter they needed to keep the upper hand, and this was one such way to stay ahead of the game and push the boundaries of the traditional security business module.

Adam said;

“Dressed in military grade black branded uniforms and using night vision goggles the security guards provided by VIP Security Services are paired up with specially training security dogs in order to stop intruders and trespassers”.

A true test of any companies worth comes through the form of client reviews, with many clients over the years testifying positively to the efficiency of the guard and dog teams supplied by VIP Security Services.

Adam finished saying;

“Whether you require a security guard for your construction premises, a bodyguard to protect you and your family, a discrete plain clothes service at your boutique special event or a security guard and dog team to safeguard your property at night, VIP Security Services is there for you. The company’s accountable and personalised service will surely exceed your expectations”.

If security is what you are after then talk to VIP Security Services. Renowned for offering proficient security through guards and security dog teams they can help you keep secure everything from major construction companies, mines and quarries, industrial sites, schools and colleges, event venues, open displays and public exhibition sites, large entertainment venues, sports complexes, camps and fairs and much more. VIP also operates a Gold Coast and Brisbane based Tactical K9 Response Unit for emergency call outs or urgent requirements.

If you’re having repeat break ins, and your current security is not working, call VIP Security Services today. VIP’s stakeout teams will apprehend, detain the offenders, and hand them over to police, along with GPS and time-stamped high definition body worn camera footage – to make sure they don’t come back and are held accountable for their actions by the authorities.

For more information and queries related to security guards, law enforcement dogs and security services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, contact the team on the below details.

VIP Security Services
(07) 5655 0344 or 24/7 RESPONSE 1300 847 772