The Rules

No one likes a rule breaker..

  1. A team will consist of a minimum of two persons and a maximum of three persons. Junior teams are permitted provided they comply with QLD maritime regulations.
  1. Persons other than fully paid entrants in a vessel must have approval of the tournament committee. Any action construed as assistance to the angler or anglers by anyone other than a fully paid entrant by any means whatsoever will cause team disqualification for that day or possibly the tournament.
  1. This is a Catch and Release competition only. All species of Fish must be released alive.
  1. Only artificial lure or flies to be used. Under no circumstances are dead baits or live baits to be used.
  1. No burley is to be used. Although commercial scents are permitted.
  1. Flathead of 40cm + and other species in consideration for the longest fish category must be photographed with a digital camera. These pictures must be made available to the tournament committee upon request.
  1. All fish must be photographed on a tournament sticker, that is: fish lying on top of the sticker. In addition you must have your allocated token for the day in the photograph, with your tournament ID.
  1. Teams who lodge a daily score of 700 points or more, or any individual angler whose daily score is 450 points or more must submit their photos of Flathead 40cm or greater with their score sheets. All photos taken by all anglers must be retained until the end of the competition. In case of a countback photos must be submitted on request. If no photos can be produced all claimed points will be invalid.
  1. All Other Species must be QLD legal length to qualify for recording purposes and must be photographed on the tournament sticker.
  1. In the event of there being two or more fish of equal length qualifying for the longest fish (Flathead or otherwise), the first fish caught will be declared winner.
  1. No gaffs to be used to capture fish. Fish friendly nets (knotless / Enviro-nets) are recommended
  1. This Tournament is open to all line classes and line types.
  1. The Tournament Fishing Boundaries are from the overhead powerlines on Russell Island in the north and to the Pacific Highway Bridge at Nerang in the south/west and all waterways in between apart from government gazetted closed areas. There are two exclusion zones within these boundaries that are marked on the tournament grid map provided in this handbook. No fishing can take place in these exclusion zones:

i) The area extending eastwards from the Seaway Tower directly north across the Seaway

ii) From an imaginary line that runs in line with the trees on the bank and the Q1 building.

  1. All team members are to be in line of sight from their team mates when fishing from the shore.
  1. All team members must fish out of the same boat. It is permissible to have two teams fish from the same boat. (e.g. Two teams of 2-anglers)
  1. The maximum rods in use at any one time is one rod per angler. Thus, three rods in use at anytime for a 3-angler team, two rods in use for a 2-angler team. Anglers must set, cast, attend and retrieve their own rods. It is anticipated that equal fishing opportunity will result in approximately equal scores for each angler in the team. Having one angler in the team “on strike” will be viewed unfavourably by the Tournament Committee.
  1. Protests of any nature must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Committee or Marshalls on the day of the incident.
  1. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee concerning rules, prizes and trophies are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  1. Strictly no private alcohol is to be brought onto the Tournament Site and no alcohol purchased is to be taken from the Tournament Site.
  2. All vessels competing in the Gold Coast Flathead Classic must be registered within Australia and insured at the time of and during the event times, boats that are not insured and registered are not elibible to enter the event.


1. A number of Senior and Junior competitors’ names to be drawn daily at briefing.

2. Individuals do not have to be present at the time of the draw on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.

3. For the final draw on Saturday all competitors must be present. Failure to be present within 30 seconds of your name being called will result in disqualification and the draw will be continued until all places are filled.


1. Each day competitors names will be selected based on a mystery time. All competitors selected will be placed in a barrel for a prize drawn that day. Prizes will be handed out on the day. If you are not present to receive your prize the draw will be repeated.

2. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee concerning prize draws and prizes are final.

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