Quintrex, Open Fishing Boats of all shapes and sizes

The 2019 Flathead Classic will push fishing boats to their limits, and this is when the cream of the crop rises to the top. The Quintrex Frontier, a result of determined research and development built off the success of our popular Top Ender. The new range has shown superior performance based on its unique Apex Hull design. There is no other manufacturer able to match the design of the Quintrex Apex Hull.

The Quintrex Frontier

The Frontier range comes in 510, 530, 550, 590 and 630 models and is available as side console or center console. Each model comes standard with useful fishing features such as factory fitted live bait tank, rod holders, long range 85L fuel tank and backed by Quintrex’s 5 Year Warranty.

Built on Quintrex’s new Apex Hull, the Frontier features an increased flared bottom sheet for greater water contact and a smoother ride. Performance is at the forefront of the Apex Hull Design. The Quintrex team, made up of passionate boaties, homed in on what is important to Australian fisherman. When underway, the Apex hull has a sharp entry for predictable and comfortable handling. Once the water has been pierced by the keel, water will deflect across the flared bow until it hits the chine when it gets deflected downwards providing a cushion in rough seas.

Constructed for strength, built to last and designed to charge across the roughest conditions. The entire Frontier range has 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets finding the perfect concession between weight and strength. Each sheet has pressings that look aesthetically pleasing and increase strength by 50% (similar to the difference between a corrugated vs a flat material). A comprehensive rib structure separated every 400mm is the secret to Quintrex’s reinforced hull. The Apex hull gives fishos confidence no matter where their adventure takes them.

Fishing the Flathead Classic

Built for years of fun and enjoyment, Quintrex’s range of boats are considered quintessential to on water adventure. There are numerous models in the range all of which are built with strength and safety in mind.

The Flathead Classic attracts all kinds of fisherman, all with their own special techniques and tactics. Quintrex realizes that not all fisherman are the same, which is why there is a boat to fit every fisho.

Starting with the entry level Dart and Explorer models, through to the Renegade and Top Ender models, there is a Quintrex tinnie to suit your every need. National Accounts Manager Nathan Shaw says Quintrex Boats are the perfect way to start the boating dream.

Quintrex is considered an Australian icon with most people having owned one or knowing someone who does.

The Dart and Explorer range of boats are the perfect entry level models that are built to be practical and very lightweight to transport.

We then have the Dory and Fishabout models which come equipped with some great features at an affordable price.

Australia’s most popular open boat, the Quintrex Renegade. A versatile fishing boat that comes in Side Console, Centre Console and Tiller Steer layouts, this boat has landed more fish than any other boat in Australia. Period.

Equipped with the quintessential, eye catchy Flared Bow and Blade Hull, the Quintrex Top Ender is your premium classic fishing boat. Built with stretch forming technology, the Top Ender offers boaties a soft and dry ride to make it comfortable for everyone in the family.

With so many options and at such affordable prices, it’s no wonder the Quintrex Boat range is one of the major favourites for boating enthusiasts.

Quintrex have made it easy to own a tinnie with their Instant Boating Packages, which includes boat, motor and trailer.

Come down to Surf Coast Marine and experience Australia’s best fishing boats. Boating is made easy with Quintrex Boat.