Lively Lures Bronze Sponsors of the 2018 Gold Coast Flathead Classic

We are delighted to welcome Lively Lures to the Gold Coast Flathead Classic as  Bronze Sponsors. 

Talking with the team hey said;

For over 20 years Lively Lures have been a game changer on the Gold Coast for Flathead fishing and it’s the pink ‘Micro Mullets’ most Lively Lures fans turn to for success.

The Micro Mullets have always had an impact for fishermen at the Gold Coast Flathead Classic, winning ‘Best Hard-Bodied Lure of the Year’ many times over. Stats don’t lie and when you have experts using the Micro’s for their own advantage, you can see why there’s so much confidence in the Lively Lures product to produce Flathead during the competition.

Local magazine writer David Green recently published “This amazing lure has stood the test of time and more than 20 years later it is still at the top of the pile when it comes to flathead trolling.” David also added that he sees the “Micro Mullet as the best weed shedding lure ever made. Its harsh vibration and unique shape means that with a couple of sharp forward pulls it is possible to shake a fouled weed off on the majority of occasions.”

But Lively Lures say that if it’s the ‘BIG GIRLS’ you are after, they recommend going for bigger versions of the lure with the ‘Mega Micro’ and ‘Mad Mullets’ able to dive that little bit deeper when trolling along the rock walls by the seaway. “We’ve caught Flathead up to 90cm in length fishing along those rock walls so when its ‘size quality’ over ‘fish quantity’ you are after, then we suggest throwing on a deeper diving Lively lure in the Pink/Yellow or Grey Ghost colours in particular.”

Lively Lures are sold directly to you via their online store and offer FREE SHIPPING to Australian residents when an order is valued at $55.00 or more. You can find all your Lively Lures products at: