Let’s talk HDS Carbon Units

I’ve recently added Lowrance HDS Carbon units on my boat and to say I’m stoked is an understatement.

The new SolarMax screens are super bright, and the speed of these units are crazy fast. Everything moves really, really quick and it’s effortless to navigate. I thought I’d share a few little ways that I use my units, in the hope, it will help you this Flathead Classic.

You can’t see under the water but your Lowrance can. Look for the bait. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing 3ft or 53ft. Find the bait, find the fish!

Look for bottom changes. Different densities will display differently. Harder bottoms will be brighter with the softer bottoms darker on your sidescan. I don’t like the really hard compact sand. Quite often fish will sit on the transition lines from hard to soft. Pay attention to these spots when you find them.

Structure is your friend. Use your structure scan to locate the deeper weed beds, rock bars, drop offs, trees and ledges. Some times a small 1ft drop off is enough to house multiple fish.

C-map Genesis is an awesome tool only available to Lowrance and Simrad users; best of all it’s free. Download the social map to have detailed up-to-date maps with 1ft contours. This will allow you to position the boat exactly where you need to be.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you get the most out of your Lowrance unit this year and see a few more lizards come over the
side. Find. Navigate. Dominate.

Nick Whyte
Lowrance Whyte Boyz.

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