Let’s talk about the Austackle Shimmer Stik lure.


As many of you know, the Shimmer Stik is the big brother of the highly regarded Shinku lure; both acknowledged for their deadly presentation on the drop.

The sinking stick bait, body rolls away from its casted direction, falling with a pronounced flutter, hopefully into the face of your target sport fish.

Often eaten on fall, or taken on the bottom, let its shimmery back rest on the seabed floor for a moment before winding very slowly, lifting the rod to ease the bait back up into the water column.

Weighing 5g, the 60mm long Shimmer Stik is a versatile lure for a range of species.

Fished effectively as a prawn imitation across flats, weed beds, edges and drop offs, or in the case of surface activity, try casting past the surface noise, winding quickly with a high rod tip across the activity, then letting it stop, sinking into the feeding frenzy.

The Austackle Shimmer Stik is a seductive lure that is fast becoming a must have edition for any anglers tackle box.

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