Job Custom Rods are bronze Sponsors of the 2018 Gold Coast Flathead Classic

Looking back at the last 25 years, influential people who have been part of the event and how they have helped shape our avid fishing community; we’ve had a quick chat to Brad from Job Custom Rods.

In production since 1988, Job Custom Rods have for the last 30 years, grown and developed into the custom brand to have among both professional and general anglers Australia wide.

The head of the Job Custom Rod brand, Brad Job, began building rods to feed his and son Bens own keen addiction for fishing. It wasn’t long until his mates saw the quality and craftsmanship he delivered with each rod and asked for their own to add to their collection. Brad then started building for mates, growing quickly through word of mouth, getting orders from all types of anglers; offshore and onshore.

Brad and his family have been a part of the Gold Coast Flathead Classic since its inception. Teamed with son Ben, the duo started fishing the Flathead Classic 25 years ago and have since fished every event in the history of the tournament.

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Like most teams entered in the classic, the pre-fish is an important part of finding the best spots. Having the same team for the past few years ‘The Mad Hueys Heritage Team’ Brad and his team are again looking forward to the 4 day event.

Linking Job Custom Rods with the iconic Mad Hueys, Brad has sponsored The Mad Hueys team for a number of years, using his custom rods in many of their fishing events around the world. Brad commented suggesting “They have been mates since before the international brand took off and it’s great to see where they were then compared to now”.