Danny Sands President Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club

Danny Sands (President)

Danny is the President of the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club and has been actively involved and fishing the Flathead Classic for over 20 years, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the club. During his spare time Danny can be found watching George Clooney movies.

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David Whyte

David Whyte (Vice President)

David has spent many many years attempting to take out the Gold Coast Flathead Classic and finally in 2015 team Whyteboyz finally ticked it off the bucketlist. David overseas operations along side Danny and is head of Sponsorship for the Gold Coast Flathead Classic. In his spare time Dave loves eating cake and doing hand stands.

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Grant Johnston

Grant Johnston (Treasurer)

Grant is in charge of financials and budgets for the club, with a long experience in the car industry Grant’s straight forward approach and business skills keeps the our wonderful club financially stable with a vision of growth. During his spare time he can found collecting sea shells by the sea shore.

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Irene Robertson

Irene Robertson (Membership)

Irene is in charge of membership for the club helping boost numbers, arrange raffles and lucky door prizes among many other things. Irene has been a face of the club for many years and has a true passion for the club and all its events. During her downtime, she can be found keeping the Whitting population under control.

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Evan Harvey

Evan Harvey (Secretary)

Evan is our club Secretary who’s duties revolve more around the documentation side of the club including meetings, minutes and variety of other technical jobs. Evan has been fishing the flathead classic for many years.

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Craig Templar

Craig Templar (Games Master Inshore)

Craig is our Games Master and responsible for arranging all the inshore tournaments along with prizes and cash. Craig is a super keen fisherman along with his family.

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Brett Horner (Games Master Offshore)

Brett is our Games Master for offshore and is responsible for arranging all the offshore tournaments along with prizes and cash. Brett and his daughter can be found out fishing at every spare moment they have. Brett is the man!

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Trent Hopkins

Trent Hopkins (Fund Raising)

Trent is in charge of fundraising for the club and its events, his role includes promoting sales during club nights and events along with handling bar sales and most importantly keeping the beer fridge full for me and you! During his spare time, Trent carries a gun and deals with the baddies.

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Rob See

Rob See (General Committee)

Rob is one of General Committee members and a veteran of the club and the Gold Coast Flathead Classic, Rob is the master of data throughout many events and mainly the Flathead Classic where he operates the data team to give you all the amazing results and facts after each event. In his spare time, Rob loves fishing nude whilst smoking a cigar.

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George Sands

George Sands (General Committee)

George is one of General Committee members and is involved in the General duties of the club and all the events throughout the year. In his spare time, he can be found worshipping the Hoff.

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Ross Meadows

Ross Meadows (General Committee)

Ross is one of our newer General committee members and new to the club in 2016, Ross handles all the social media, websites and promotions for club events including the Flathead Classic. In his spare time, he can be seen flying helicopters and drones.

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