‘The Beer from Up Here’, adding a touch of Aussie flavour to the Gold Coast Flathead Classic.

At the top of the Australian beer mantel sits the iconic Great Northern Brewing Co.

Established in Cairns in 1927 to brew beer suited to the climate, ‘The Beer From Up Here’ quickly grew in popularity not just for its taste, but for its true blue Australian heritage.

The partnership between the Great Northern Brewing Co and the Gold Coast Flathead Classic began back in 2010 when parent company Carlton & United Breweries launched the Rich Fish competition.

The Rich Fish competition was a campaign focused on building relationships with avid anglers across Northern Australia; hundreds of fish were tagged and released across the state, with the angler lucky enough to hook one, winning a share in $100,000 cash.

The Gold Coast Flathead Classic was ideal for promoting this competition, and a fantastic platform to deliver beer drinkers with a quality Australian beer.

Rob See, Gold Coast Sports Fishing Club Committee Member and conduit between the Gold Coast Flathead Classic and Great Northern Brewing Co, spoke in support of the relationship.

“The events positive evolution from the Carlton Mid Flathead Classic through to today’s Gold Coast Flathead Classic has been from the consistent support of Carlton & United Breweries and over the past three years, their Great Northern Brewing Co. brand.” Said Rob See.

“The Gold Coast Flathead Classic is an event that has a great mix of serious fishing and electric evening entertainment. In the eyes of the committee, the partnership has been fundamental for growth; the Flathead Classic brand couldn’t stand proudly today without the essential support of the Great Northern Brewing Co.” Rob See concluded.

Also taking the time to speak with event organisers, Great Northern Brewing Co, Marketing Manager Michelle Gazzola described the event as a true representation of what their brand promotes, saying;

“The Flathead Classic is a great event that gets mates and family together to do the thing they love – fish. Great Northern inspires mates to get together, so it was a perfect fit for our brand”. Said Michelle Gazzola.

“This is our 4th year sponsoring the event, it’s a great event, and we’re delighted we’ve been able to partner with the Flathead Classic over this period”. Michelle Gazzola also said.

Building on a massive 18 months of highs, the Gold Coast Flathead Classic looks to strengthen its partnership with the iconic Australian beer company further, approaching Great Northern Brewing Co. to again, jump on board and sponsor the event.

Great Northern Brewing Co. is the 2017 Gold Coast Flathead Classic; Ultimate Event Partner, the highest sponsorship opportunity the event offers.

If fishing with your mates is something you love, check out this year’s event and register your team, we know you’ll be back again next year.

Visit www.flatheadclassic.com.au for event details and to register.